Memories of a Moonbird

Andrew Bicking, Environmentalist

July 11, 2021 Daniel Scherl
Memories of a Moonbird
Andrew Bicking, Environmentalist
Show Notes

He’s a fascinating human being, and an award-winning environmentalist. He’s the Director of Government Relations and Public Policy for Scenic Hudson, the New York based organization credited with launching the modern grassroots environmental movement. There, he oversees the organization’s engagement with local, state and federal government officials, and directs grass-roots and legislative lobbying campaigns.

He's the recipient of the Land Trust Alliance’s National Ambassadors Award for Advocacy, has successfully helped the passage of legislation critical to the Hudson Valley’s way of life, and helped raise billions of dollars in federal, state and local funding for the environment.

In his spare time, he’s also an avid cyclist, bicycle mechanic, camper, and musician, who dabbles in blacksmithing and gardening. But this champion for the Earth and father of two great kids is not battling just the environment.

In 2015, his wife Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer, and as a family, their journey through treatment and management continues to this day.

Here to talk about those struggles and life lessons, the environment, and so much more, please welcome, Mr. Andrew Bicking.

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