Memories of a Moonbird

Robert Picardo, Actor

June 13, 2021 Daniel Scherl
Memories of a Moonbird
Robert Picardo, Actor
Show Notes

For over forty years, and with over 200 IMDb credits, he’s made you laugh, cry and feel everything in-between. You’ve seen him in shows and movies like Ally McBeal, Home Improvement, Small Soldiers, Hail, Caesar!, Gremlins, the Howling, and the Orville, to just scratch the surface of his long and distinguished career.

Since the 1980’s, he’s been a staple on television, film and stage, and he’s played iconic roles like Dr. Dick Richards on China Beach, the Cowboy in Innerspace, Coach Cutlip on The Wonder Years, the Emergency Medical Hologram (or EMH) on Star Trek Voyager, and Richard Woolsey on Stargate.

If that’s not impressive enough, this Emmy-nominated actor has also been a director, and is an accomplished author and singer.

In his real life, he’s a proud Dad of two daughters, is on the Executive Board of the Planetary Society, the non-profit space advocacy organization originally formed by Carl Sagan, Louis Friedman and Bruce Murray, and I’ve heard he makes a pretty awesome pasta.

It’s a great honor to welcome, Robert Picardo.

Books we referenced on the show:

1) The Hologram's Handbook by Robert Picardo and Jeff Yagher

If you'd like to learn more about Bob, check out his links:

Bob's website






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