Memories of a Moonbird

Rob Brownstein, Actor and Acting Teacher

April 13, 2021 Daniel Scherl
Memories of a Moonbird
Rob Brownstein, Actor and Acting Teacher
Show Notes

For over thirty years, you’ve seen and heard him in almost every form of media you can imagine: Film, television, theater, video games, radio, magazines, the internet…

He’s “that guy.”

He’s been in movies, and t.v. shows like Star Trek Discovery, Straight Outta Compton, Argo, Mad Men, Castle, Criminal Minds, Bosch, Grey’s Anatomy, Breaking Bad, and many, many others, not to mention more than a hundred national commercials for the biggest brands in the world like Capital One, Dell, FedEx, Audi, Marriott, Heineken, Quickbooks, State Farm, and Coca-Cola, just to name a few…

In addition to his incredible career, he’s also one of the most renowned acting teachers in Los Angeles and a man with a fascinating life story.

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The books Rob referenced:

"Manchild in the Promised Land" by Claude Brown *

"Stand on Zanzibar" by John Brunner *

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