Memories of a Moonbird

Kristen Lynn, Musician

October 25, 2020 Daniel Scherl
Memories of a Moonbird
Kristen Lynn, Musician
Show Notes

She’s a musician, actress and all around amazing human being who’s doing her part to bring a positive awareness and healing to the world.

Many people around the globe know her as Dotti, the Guinness-loving lass as part of the infamous and revered comedy show, “The Washing Well Wenches” that’s performed at renaissance faires and festivals all across the United States.

And while she’s loved blacking out her teeth and making people laugh, her real passion is music. Raised by musical parents, she's the front of Kristen Lynn & The Foxgloves, a band whose blues-folk music has been described as a "head-turning, foot-tapping, ground-breaking twist on progressive blues-folk-Americana style with a modern vintage sound.”

Wow! I’ve heard them live and they are fantastic.

In addition to all of those amazing things, she’s also someone who’s passionate about helping people. Her mother passed away sixteen years ago, and earlier this year, she unexpectedly lost her brother. Through her own losses and grief, she feels compelled to connect with others through that process. 

Using her skills as an artist and a great communicator, she performs a live stream every Monday bringing joy and positivity through music.  But since her sudden loss happened she’s been opening up about her grief, and the response… has been astounding.

She says, “It’s the first time I'm creating through unbelievable heartache but wanted to move towards the pain, not away from it."

Please welcome, the amazing Kristen Lynn!

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